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Current National Teach-in Information for 2009:

International Teach-In (October 22nd): "90 Minutes on 350"

The seminar will keep you informed. With The 350 Teach-In, engage your whole campus or community. Why 350? The Teach-In is being held in conjunction with the International Day of Action (10/24), organized by Bill McKibben’s group. Many scientists believe that we must get below a long run target of 350 ppm CO2 concentrations if we are to stabilize the climate at a point avoiding catastrophe. Already, more than a thousand groups across the world have signed up to get the 350 message out. Through the Teach-In, your school can be a part of this movement.

As part of the Massachusetts Climate Literacy Campaign, Youth CAN will use this page to post links to teacher resources related to climate change curriculum.  If you are aware of resources we should include here, please let us know by emailing

Webcast available for classroom viewing on Thursday, February 5th 2009 from the organizers of the National Teach-In on Global Climate Change Solutions

Useful Links for finding interdisciplinary lesson plans on climate change:

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Current Events
Earth Sciences
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Life Sciences
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US Department of Environmental Efficiency and Renewable Energy


New York Time Learning Network Teacher Connection,+9-12


North American Association for Environmental Education

Additional Resources

Global Warming Venn Diagram

Global Warming Project List

Global Warming High School Curriculum Guide

Global Warming: Early Warming Signs Interactive Map

PBS Global Warming Lesson Plan

Recycling Experiments

The Environment and Math

Causes of Pollution

Garbage Grunge

Do Something About…the Environment 10-Day Unit

Environment Lesson Plans

Link to clips from a documentary on global heating - several small segments that look excellent.  Features Alder Fuller, Ph.D., who runs the Euglena Academy ( The Academy teaches about climate change and adaptation to it.  John Jordan-Cascade is the filmmaker. View clips at

From Discovery Channel and WGBH. The Discovery site is free for BPS until January 31.  There is information on Health and global warming/climate change and much more. 

PBS Teacher's Domain:

you can create an account or use:  Usename:  BLS#1  Password:  library

Discovery Teachers:  Username:  bpsmass    Password:  discovery

Climate Discovery Online Courses for Educators

This National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) online course series for middle and high school science teachers combines geoscience content,

current climate research, easy to implement hands-on activities, and group discussion.

 . CD 101 Introduction to Earth's Climate: January 11 - February 22, 2008

. CD 102 Earth System Science:

A Climate Change Perspective: January 18 -

February 29, 2008

. CD 103 Understanding Climate Change Today: April 4 - May 16, 2008 ! 

North American Association for Environmental Education (EE)


National Environmental Education Foundation -

Greentimes Teacher Guides -


An Inconvenient Truth study guide -


National Wildlife Federation Climate Classroom -


Climate education tool at

Climate Literacy Now 

Classroom Encounters ®
produces teacher-friendly world-class science media covering our changing planet and science itself. Classroom Encounters’ DVD-based library of media assets features world-class scientists, engaged teens, the latest discoveries, and student art and music. The intellectually rich and standards-aligned content is chaptered by topic so teachers can click and choose the clip that fits.

For an article about the role of educators written by the organizer of the National Teach-In on Global Climate Change Solutions, Eban Goodstein

The Keystone Center for Science and Public Policy

Nova Episodes on PBS

The Big Energy Gamble

This one-hour program is divided into six chapters. Choose any chapter and select QuickTime or Windows Media Player to begin viewing the video. If you experience difficulty viewing, it may be due to high demand. If that happens, PBS suggests you try back at another time.

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