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Current Youth CAN Initiatives
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Some of our Accomplishments:

  1. Save A Light Fundraiser Raises $7,400.00 in support of BLS Lighting Retrofit. Retrofit will save the city $33,000 annually.

  2. Youth Climate Action Network now has 19 Members Groups

  3. NWF Grant makes it possible for Youth CAN to distribute Climate Action Grants for teen-led climate action projects. Click here for more information

  4. BLS Youth CAN Hosts 5th Annual Climate Change Summit at MIT. Click here for more information.

  5. Youth CAN Launches Statewide Massachusetts Education for Sustainability Campaign

  6. BLS Youth CAN undertakes ambitious Efforts to Green Our School

  7. Youth CAN Participates in National Teach-in on Global Climate Change solutions for the fourth year in a row.

Youth CAN Brochurefile://localhost/youth%20CAN%20brochure-7.pdf

Youth CAN with Mayor Thomas M. Menino, advocating for a return to the more sustainable level of 350 parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere. For more information, go to

Planting the Garden at Boston Latin School

Rebecca Park presents former Vice President Al Gore with BLS Youth CAN Information

Representatives from 3 Youth CAN Groups present about the MCLC to the Secretary of Energy & Environments' Educational Advisory Board 12/10/08

“Youth taking effective action in our communities and beyond to address the problem of climate change and to promote education for sustainability.”

BLS Youth CAN Hosts an Annual Global Climate Summit at MIT in partnership with the Technology and Culture forum at MITClimate_Summit.html
Boston Latin School
Youth Climate Action Network Site
Our Own Youtube ChannelVideos.html
BLS Sustainable Roofscape Learning LabGreen_Roof.htmlGreen_Roof.htmlGreen_Roof.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0shapeimage_12_link_1
The Massachusetts Education for Sustainability Campaign
Youth CAN on the Today ShowToday_Show_Clip.html

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Thanks for supporting our Light Bulb Drive! Click here for more on how we did! Light_Bulb_Drive.html
Our Theme for 2011-20112 is 
Sustainability and Food! 
Visit the Food Fair page! Sustainability_%26_Food.html
Youth CAN President featured as High School Hero
View our Chill Out Entry!
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