Annual Teach-In on Sustainability and Global Climate Change Solutions


  1. For 2010 the Teach In, we brought in Rouwenna Lamm and Alan Palm of the Alliance for Climate Education to do presentations to all six classes. We surveyed 1000 students about food initiatives the green roof and general Youth CAN questions. We performed created an original recycling skit and performed it at all six assemblies. 50 educators participated in teaching about sustainability and climate change.

  2. Teach In Faculty Letter 2010

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Pictures from Focus the Nation can be found here and here.

For more information about what we did that the National Teach-in 2009, click here for the faculty letter.

  1. The National Teach-In On Global Warming Solutions (also known as Focus the Nation) will again this year engage Americans in dialogue with one another about the decisions we make and how they affect the planet we live on. The 2009 Teach-In will take place on February 5th.   Boston Latin School Youth C.A.N. students are busy making plans to involve BLS in the Teach-In. Last year over 40 teachers and faculty members participated in teaching about climate change across all disciplines.  This year we hope that even more teachers will participate by offering climate change themed lessons in their classes on February 5th.  The Headmaster is encouraging all faculty to include global warming as a topic in their lessons on February 5th.  Starting in January, watch for Youth CAN’s giant teacher participation thermometer outside the main office to help cheer on those educators who have agreed to teach about climate change for the teach-in.   Youth CAN will provide lesson plans and resources for all who want them on the “For Educators” page of the Youth CAN website at Youth CAN students are also preparing an environmental play that will be performed during class assemblies throughout the day.  During the lunches, there’ll be climate related activities.  The 2009 National Teach-in promises to be a educational day that provides a rare opportunity for BLS to take important action as a community towards identifying climate change solutions

  2. For our part in the teach-in Youth CAN will be focusing on integrating climate awareness into every part of the school day.

  3. Activities:

  4. We will provide and promote the use of relevant lesson plans for teachers in all disciplines (send us links that you find and we’ll post them on an educator’s page on our website where you may direct your teachers who want to access them. The plan is to give every educator the option of choosing to educate their students about global warming and climate action on the 31st if they are so inclined. Education Committee

  5. BLS Youth CAN will be hosting an informative assembly for juniors and seniors at Boston Latin School that day.

  6. We will offer relevant film screenings in multiple locations that day.

  7. We will have our improve group doing global warming “street theater” about global warming during the lunches.

  8. We will sell carbon footprints with global warming info on them.  One of the footprints will make the purchaser eligible for a grand prize.

  9. We will tape the walls inside the school with blue tape, indicating where the water line would be if melting ice were to result in sea levels rising 20’ due to unchecked global warming. 

  10. We will sell carbon off set patches that benefit the development of wind power.


The National Teach-In is a day designated as a national day to teach about global warming.  We are encouraging all Youth CAN member groups to register to participate in the Teach-in on October 22, 2009. For more information, click here

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