Wind Study Proposal

Year-Long BLS Wind Study

BLS YouthCAN has a history of supporting Wind Power in Massachusetts.  YouthCAN students testified at public hearings on behalf of the Cape Wind Project, and raised funds in support of the New England Wind Fund. 

In advance of installing two wind turbines on the roof of the Boston Latin School as part of our Shared Green Roof Community Learning Lab project, BLS students are conducting a year-long wind study using anemometers provided with funding from grants written by YouthCAN students.  The wind study will help ascertain where optimal locations for the new turbines would be. 

All results of the wind study will be documented on the BLS YouthCAN website. The wind study will provide opportunities for students and science faculty to initiate practical scientific investigation; they will review the Museum of Science wind study which has guided work to date, document and analyze wind conditions; analyze the best installation locations, evaluate system options and finalize selection of the turbines.  This project will also eventually test the preliminary selection of the Windtronics Honeywell turbines, chosen because the gearless system generates energy at winds of 2 mph or greater, and wind speed at Boston Latin School is assumed to be limited given the school’s position relative to taller surrounding buildings.

Background on Our Turbine Selection

We already know from a visit to the Science Museum to see their wind study that Boston Latin School doesn’t have an ideal roof for wind turbines.  Nevertheless, we still wanted to investigate including a “teaching turbine” on the proposed Shared Green Roof.  Research revealed that Honeywell makes a turbine that will work in low wind conditions.  

Honeywell Wind Turbine

Cost: $5,500 installed on rooftop quadpod (rated 15m/s) 1.5 kw

Turbine is sold by Windtronics based in Michigan

The size of the turbine is blades are about 6' in diameter.  It is gearless and allows for minimum friction, so that it starts turning at .5mph, starts generating energy at 2mph.  It will generate 

1,500 kWh/year, with an approximate cost per watt of $3.66. 

We are purchasing 3 anemometers, and will make them available for borrowing by other schools who may have green teams that wish to conduct their own wind study and pursue wind turbines for their school

Get excited about WIND!!

Our Proposal to Fund our Wind Feasibility StudyWind_Study_Proposal_files/Wind%20Study%20Deitch.pdf