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Youtube videos


BLS Youth CAN on the Today Show!

BLS Youth CAN featured on the Today Show!


Get real with BLS youthCAN

BLS youthCAN talking about how students will learn about what real food is, and how to change and make our cafeteria better.


“Did you know?” Energy initiatives to be more sustainable


Climate Summit 2011

Footage of 2011’s Climate Summit!


Green Jobs Energy Audit Training Program- Long

Green jobs for students to conduct energy audits in their schools

Moving Planet Video

“Founding Fathers” asking for a declaration of independence from fossil fuels at the Moving Planet


Green Roof Video

A more detailed look at our green roof project!


Digester Video

The want for a digester for BLS compost processing


Green Jobs Energy Audit Training Program- short

(A shorter version) of Green jobs for students to conduct energy audits in their schools


BLS Youth CAN Oxygen Awards

Video for Oxygen Awards explaining what BLS YouthCAN has reduced carbon emissions in our school


BLS Youth CAN Year End Awards

Footage of the 2011 End of the Year Picnic with announcements of prizes YouthCAN has won, such as the Green Flag Award!


Youth CAN September 2011 Update

General Update on what Youth CAN has been up to in the weeks and months leading up to the 2011-2012  school year


Moving Planet Evite

Invitation to the Moving Planet Date!


June Youth CAN Update

What BLS Youth CAN has done in the school year of 2010-2011


Presidents Environmental Youth Award Thanks

Lisa P. Jackson, the EPA Administrator, congratulates Youth CAN for winning the Presidents Environmental Youth Award


Youth CAN Summit 2011 Evit

Invitation to Youth CAN’s Summit of 2011


Philbrick Think Outside the Bottle PSA

Cute Philbrick students asking you to take the pledge!


What is YouthCAN?

A summary of what YouthCAN does each year


Chill Out 2011

How YouthCAN has been really busy lately, and submission to the National Wildlife Federation’s 2011 Chill Out Contest


Why should we recycle?

Reasons why students of BLS  think why we should recycle.


2010 CELF Summer Institute

Footage of the summer of 2010 CELF Summer Institute at Simmons College in partnership with BLS Youth CAN and Creative Educational Solutions.



BLSyouthCAN showing how students are using education to create sustainability 

4th annual youthCAN climate summit 

BLS youthCAN speaking to MIT students about climate changes 

BLS  Green Roof Commercial "Most Educational"

BLS Green Roof Commercial! 

Education sustainability campaign and rooftop learning center

Students ideas about Climate Change being taught in schools, results in green roof project.

Green in 3 Movie.wmv

YouthCAN green men dancing 

NPR Big Idea – Real Cost Kiosk

Our Real Cost Kiosk idea

Official BLS youthCAN rap

BLS youthCAN raps!

The Oldest School, The Newest Thinking. Education for Sustainability

How the green roof project came to be 

Goodbye seniors 2009 slideshow part 2 

A slideshow dedicated to seniors of youthCAN graduating 

BLS Green Roof Learning Lab Architectural Rendering

A visual of the plan for BLS green roof

NBC Clip

NBC talks about BLS winning a national go green contest 

Goodbye Seniors 2009 slideshow part 1

BLS youthCAN seniors Graduate 

Climate Change Summit 2007

BLS youthCAN and other organizations talking about climate change 

Think outside the bottle PSA- Fenway

BLS youthCAN showing how we are at serious risk of permanently altering the earths climate

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