The Saving Water Rocks Fundraiser




    A Project of BLS YouthCAN

    All proceeds benefit


2013 is the United Nation’s Year of International Water Cooperation


When:Friday May 3, 2013 in schools all across Massachusetts

& Saturday, May 4, 2013 @ YouthCAN’s Annual Climate Summit

Where:MIT Stata Center

32 Vassar Street

Cambridge, MA 02139


Description & Steps for Participating Teams

BLS YouthCAN and Greenovate Boston invite you to join a youth action to educate about world water issues and a city wide youth-led fundraiser to benefit, the non-profit that Matt Damon co-founded.  "For only $25, can bring someone access to clean water for life."  

We're holding the event in conjunction with Earth Day and the United Nations Year of International Water Cooperation.  We call our fundraiser "Saving Water Rocks” It is a youth-led educational and awareness raising fundraiser that will culminate in BLS YouthCAN’s Annual day-long Youth Summit on Climate and Sustainability at MIT which will focus entirely on water this year.

We are hoping to engage youth fundraising teams from schools all across the Commonwealth.  

PRIZES:  BLS YouthCAN will provide a prize for any student team that:  

1.  Gets 10 or more students to participate in the fundraiser by collecting pledges from sponsors.

2. Raises at least $500.00 in total to donate on behalf of their school’s team

3. Decorates their teams’ Saving Water Rocks, and shows up as a team with their rocks and the donations at the 5/4/13 Summit.

Get Your Team Counted
Click to download Team Entry FormThe_Saving_Water_Rocks_Fundraiser_files/TEAM%20Entry%20Form%20.docx

Fill out the fundraiser team entry form. On the form, list the name of your school, the names of each of the student team members, along with a student contact name, email, and phone number, and the total sum collected by your team, and a brief description of how the fundraiser went, and what else you’re doing or planning to do in your school to promote water conservation, better water awareness, and better water habits.

1.Email the team entry form to by 6:00 PM on Friday, 4/26/13 (one week BEFORE the SUMMIT) with your school’s name in the Subject line.

2.Make SURE to check in as a team when you check in at the Summit.  FYI we can’t verify how many from your team participated in the fundraiser if your team doesn’t check in!

3.BRING THE FUNDS YOU COLLECTED - we’ll be collecting the funds you raised at check-in and taking your team’s photo in our photo booth.

4.Make a poster declaring how much your team raised and bring it to the Summit too so that we can include it in your team photo.

Create a student team & Collect Sponsor Pledges

The way the fundraiser works is that students at schools all across Boston will form student teams and get
Click to download Pledge SheetThe_Saving_Water_Rocks_Fundraiser_files/SPONSOR%20PLEDGE%20SHEET.docx
people to pledge to sponsor them (like a walk-a-thon).  Sponsors will pledge a donation to the students who participate. We recommend a flat rate of a $10 donation, but people can obviously donate less or more per their choice. Don’t forget: "For only $25, can bring someone access to clean water for life."  

INFO SHEETS - Explain the Purpose of the Fundraiser to Sponsors

This event raise awareness about key issues related to world water.  In particular, it will draw attention to the many people in the world don’t have access to clean water, often carrying water long distances just to meet their basic water needs. On average, women in Africa and Asia carry 44lbs of water three to four miles each time they need water. In many countries young girls are responsible for carrying their family’s water, making them unable to attend school.  The info comes 2 sets to a page.  Please print out several sheets of this document and cut them up for your team members so that they can provide the Info Sheets to their fundraiser sponsors if they want them, or direct them to the link so that sponsors can print them on their own.

WHY ROCKS?  “Saving Water ROCKS”

All youth fundraiser teams will stand in solidarity with those who have to carry water.  But we won’t carry water. Our student teams will carry rocks. Why Rocks?  So that we don’t waste water and avoid supporting the bottled water industry and the plastic containers they use.   Our message:  SAVING WATER ROCKS! 

Educational Messages on Rocks

Each of the Saving Water Rocks will feature two messages:

1.The rock will have a numerical fact about the world water situation

2.The rock will also have the message: “Saving Water Rocks”.

Click to download Facts SheetThe_Saving_Water_Rocks_Fundraiser_files/FACTS.pdf

Teams will find their own rocks.  Each student should find and carry a decent-sized rock (big enough to hold a visible message, and draw attention, but not too heavy to carry). Choose messages at the FACTS link below, and decorate your rocks.  Each rock should have one fact, and the SAVING WATER ROCKS message.  Messages can be taped on, painted on, etc.  Organize a Saving Water Rocks party for your team to decorate their rocks together. Reminders:  Please make sure to include the where the fact came from when putting facts on your rocks. 

“ASK ME ABOUT” Signs - For Student Fundraising Team Members to Wear

All student participants in the fundraiser will wear a sign saying:  "Ask me about", followed by some number.  For example:  "Ask me about 1.1 billion."   The “Ask Me About” number will correspond with the same number in the message on that participant’s rock.   For example, the message on the students shirt would read “Ask me about 1.1 billion” and the message on that student’s rock would read: "1.1 billion people in the world are without access to safe water. (WHO-UNICEF, 2004)."  

Carry Your Rocks Friday, May 3rd 2013

Student Fundraisers: Carry your Saving Water Rocks all day in school on Friday, May 3rd, 2013 raising awareness among your classmates and teachers.  Don’t forget to get permission to do this in advance from your school administration!! 

Raise Awareness While You Raise Money

Make sure your whole school knows what you are doing and why you are doing it well in advance of May 3rd:

1.Print out some of the flyers about the Fundraiser and the Summit and put them up around your school to recruit students for your team.
Click to download Summit FlyerThe_Saving_Water_Rocks_Fundraiser_files/Summit%202013%20Flyer.pdf

2.Reach out to science teachers and ask if they will give extra credit for students who participate

3.Link the fundraiser and summit to your school’s earth day activities

4.Reach out to your schools environmental group for support

5.Try to get the event covered by your school newspaper

6.See if you can get it into the school announcements

7.On May 3rd, ask teachers if you can make a quick announcement at the start of class about why you’re carrying your Saving Water Rocks.  
Click to download Fundraiser FlyerThe_Saving_Water_Rocks_Fundraiser_files/Water%20Fundraiser%20How%20To.docx

8.Have your team make plans to cultivate better water habits and understandings in your school. Consider holding an event that gets people’s attention like showing a screening of one of many documentaries about water (Tapped, Blue Gold, Flow, etc.); or organizing a Think Outside the Bottle pledge campaign and blind taste tests comparing bottled vs tap water, or conducting a water audit and publicizing the results.  Check out the rest of the water page for details about how to pursue these and other water related initiatives.

Bring Your Team, Your Rocks, and Your Team’s Donations To The SUMMIT at MIT

Teams will carry their Saving Water Rocks to the Summit and learn what other youth are advocating for in their schools, communities, and in Massachusetts in terms of asking legislators to put policies into place that will enhance and protect our state's water resources as well as our hydrologic cycle, and to educate about water in general. Don’t forget to bring the funds you raised and a big poster declaring how much your team raised.

Join us for a group photo

We’ll take a group photo at the Summit (hopefully with Matt Damon) featuring all the teams displaying their posters about how much each team raised.  We’ll post the group photo and all team photos and funding amounts on the YouthCAN website.

The Media

Be aware that the media may be on hand to cover the event, so make sure your team understands what the event is about in case one of you is interviewed by the media!  Be prepared to have one of your team members take the mic in the main auditorium at the Summit and say a few words about the success of your fundraiser and what is happening in your school with regard to water.

Saving Water Rocks - Lasting Reminders

Where will our rocks end up?  When the Summit is over, Saving Water Rocks will become permanent water conservation reminders, decorating homes, yards, and gardens with important messages to promote more sustainable water habits.  Please make sure to take your rocks home with you.

Funds may be collected as cash or checks.  All checks should be made payable to with “YouthCAN Fundraiser” written in the memo portion of the check.  Boston Latin School YouthCAN will take responsibility for providing a listing of all teams and the funds they raised on the YouthCAN website water page along with a tally of how much was raised in total. 

BLS YouthCAN will convert all cash proceeds into one large check for presentation to 


Meeting Matt Damon at the MIT Youth Summit!!!

We hope that all donations from the fundraiser will be presented to Matt Damon in person by the student fundraising teams on Saturday May 4, 2013 at BLS YouthCAN’s Annual Youth Summit on Global Climate Change and Sustainability.  This year's Summit will focus entirely on water, engaging participants in a whole range of activities and learning experiences related to water.  We’ve invited Matt Damon to give the Summit Keynote Address. 

For more information about the Summit and a list of this year’s workshops and activities,

visit:  Register your team members to attend.  If Matt Damon comes, Summit workshops and space will fill up quickly, so REGISTER EARLY!  Online Summit registration will be open by Friday, April 19, 2013.