Youth Summit 08

About the Youth Summit
Youth CAN’s interest in hosting a Global Climate Change Summit is to inform ourselves and others about global warming; to create opportunities to foster activism; and to build a coalition of youth and educators who will continue to work together in the fight against global warming. The Summit is open to students in grades 7-12 as well as to the educators of students in grades 7-12.  All who register (online) will be entered into a drawing for great door prizes such as iPods, gift certificates, and more.  There will be green vendors and grassroots displays, as well as climate change speakers and workshops.  At the 2007 Summit, over 225 students, from 47 different schools across the greater metropolitan area attended.  Space at the 2008 Summit is limited, so register early, and make sure to sign up soon for the particular workshops that you hope to attend!  

NOTE: Workshops for Middle School and High School Educators as well as Middle and High School Students will be available at the 2008 Summit

Taking Action Together, Action Grants
During the Summit, there will be several activities aimed at inspiring students and educators to take ongoing action against global warming! Thanks to the National Wildlife Federation, Youth CAN will offer Summit participants the opportunity to apply for Climate Action Grants to promote groups taking action in their own schools or community.  Come to the Summit to pick up an application!  Ten $1,000 grants will be awarded by June 20th, 2008

The Summit will feature a special networking session aimed at developing the Youth Climate Action Network.  This year’s focus will be to create a coalition of youth and educators who will continue working together after the Summit to promote climate change education by planning and holding a public hearing about the need for climate change education at the secondary level. 

Breakfast and lunch will be provided free to all who attend!

Guest Speakers and Workshop Leaders
The 2007 summit presenters included Mayor Menino and Professor Kerry Emanuel,  Linda Lopez of the Natural Resources Defense Council;  Sandy Farrier (IST) and Laurie Bryce (MIT Human Resources); Patricia Weinmann, Asst. Coord., Technology & Culture Forum @ MIT and Director of New England Conservatory's Opera Workshop;  Nancy DuVergne Smith, Communications Director, Center for Technology, Policy, and Industrial Development, MIT; Janna Cohen-Rosenthal of the Massachusetts Energy Consumers Alliance, Paul Shoemaker, the Program Supervisor for the Environmental Health Office, at the Boston Public Health Commission and members of MIT's Energy Club, Anja Kollmuss at Tufts. 

The 2008 Summit Planning Committee has invited an exceptional list of speakers and presenters including Mayor Menino, MIT President Susan Hockfield, Patricia Weinmann of the Technology and Culture Forum at MIT, Linda Lopez of the Natural Resource Defense Council, Janna Cohen-Rosenthal of Mass Energy Alliance, Anja Kollmus of Tufts University, Paul Shoemaker of the Boston Public Health Commission, Andrew Schuyler of Northeast Biofuels Collaborative, Barbara Hill of Clean Power Now, Liz Soper of the National Wildlife Federation, Lilah Glick of Clean Water Action, Debra Lapidus of Corporate Accountability International, Jenna Sigman and Bronwyn Cooke of the New England Aquarium, Marybeth Campbell, Mass Technology Collaborative, Mary Essary of the Foresight Project, and more.

2008 Summit Schedule

Summit Schedule & Workshops

Registration/Breakfast - 9:00 – 9:30 AM 

Step squad – 9:50

Welcomes – 10:00 – Mayor Thomas Menino, MIT President, Susan Hockfield, BLS Headmaster Lynne Mooney-Teta

Keynote Speaker – 10:30 – James Hunt III, Chief of Environmental and Energy Services

Workshop Session #1 - 11:00 – 11:45

Workshop Session #2 - 12:00 – 12:45

Lunch - 1:00 – 1:30

Entertainment –Green Bands: Undecided & Jonny Lives, Spoken Word Artist, Tu Anh Phan 1:30 - 2:30

Networking Session – 2:30 - 3:30

Door Prizes – 3:30– 4:00


We're planning a Second Global Climate Change Summit for students and educators of middle schools and high schools across Massachusetts that will take place on May 10, 2008 at MIT.  This year's Summit will again feature exciting guest speakers, a wide variety of workshops, networking opportunities, green vendors, entertainment, door prizes, free food, and more!

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Hosted In Partnership With: Technology and Culture Forum at MIT

in building 32