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Give Green to Get Green!
Donate, & Help BLS Youth CAN Win Solar Panels for Boston Latin School!
The Boston Latin School Youth Climate Action Network is participating in the Massachusetts Energy Consumer’s Alliance Solar Challenge!  Here’s how it works:  When 150 Boston residents join, Boston earns a free solar panel for a school!   We’d like that school to be the Boston Latin School!  In order to make that happen, we need 150 BLS parents, faculty, and friends to become members of the Mass Energy Consumer’s Alliance.  In order for BLS to get credit for your donation, when you contribute, please specify that it is on behalf of BLS Youth CAN and the Boston Latin School!  All donations must be received by April, 30th 2008 to qualify.  

Join BLS Youth CAN and the New England Wind Fund in helping to make Boston a green and healthy community, while at the same time earning solar panels for the Boston Latin School!  Drop us an email to let us know you’ve donated!  Emails should be directed to BLS Youth CAN’s faculty advisor, Cate Arnold @  Please tell us whether we may include your name on the Solar Challenge page of the Youth CAN website ( and how you’d like your name to appear!  Thanks for your support!
Community Solar Challenge “Joining this program is a win - win! We earned free solar panels for our town, and provided support for wind power at the same time- it’s a great chance to do the right thing!”  -Kate Crosby, Acton MA
About Mass Energy:
Mass Energy Consumers Alliance is a non-profit with 25 years experience making energy affordable and sustainable. Local volunteers and groups in your community are working in partnership with Mass Energy to promote clean energy choices.
Feel Good about Your Electricity:
Mass Energy’s New England Wind Fund program is an easy way to offset your electricity use with clean wind power. Moving from polluting fossil fuels to zero emission local wind energy is an important solution in fighting climate change. Wind power is more expensive right now and needs your support. When you make tax deductible contributions to New England Wind Fund, you support wind turbines that put more clean energy into the electrical grid.
Community Solar Challenge:
The Clean Energy Choice® program of the Mass Technology Collaborative rewards communities who support clean energy. A community earns a 2 kilowatt solar system when 150 households join New England Wind Fund by making qualifying contributions between May 1, 2007 and April 30, 2008. 300 qualifying members earn 2 systems! A $100 annual contribution or a $5 monthly contribution qualifies for the challenge. More information at Last year 6 communities won, we can too!
Choose your membership option and amount:
NEW Friends Monthly Option (automatically deducted monthly from a credit card)
___$5 ___$15 ___$25 ___$50 ___$100  ___other ___ ($5 minimum to qualify for challenge)
Challenge Contribution
___$100 ___$125 ___$150 ___$300 ___$500 ___other ($100 minimum for challenge)
Three easy ways to make your contribution and support wind power!
1. Online:  Please specify in the “comments” section that the donation is on behalf of the Boston Latin School Youth Climate Action Network.  
2. Phone: call our the Mass Energy office at 800.287.3950 Be sure to say your donation is a Boston Latin School Youth Climate Action Network Donation
3. Mail: use form below and mail to: Mass Energy, 670 Centre St., Boston, MA 02130 Choose contribution method:
Check (please make payable to Mass Energy) 
Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card) 
Card #__________________________ Exp: _____
Name: ____________________________________
Business Name: _____________________________
Street: ___________________________________
*City: _____________________________________ State: ____________ Zip: ___________________
Phone: ___________________________________
Email: ____________________________________
How did you learn about us? _____________ Please be sure to indicate you are donating on behalf of BLS!
Signature: _____________________ Date: _______  
Thank You!  Contributions are tax deductible. Go to

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