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“Youth taking effective action in our communities and beyond to address the problem of global warming and promote education for sustainability.”

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The Global Climate Change Summit at MIT

Watch a video about the summit at http://youthcanevents.wordpress.com/2009/06/09/youth-can-global-climate-summit-2009-on-vimeo/ 

2010 Summit Video - Click here.

Why Create a Youth Network?

At BLS we call ourselves a “Climate Action Network” because creating a coalition of global warming youth groups is one of our main goals. Why?  Because the power of lots of youth climate action groups joined together is much greater than any one youth group could have alone.  There is strength in numbers.  To date there are 16 groups in the Boston Youth CAN, but imagine 20-30 youth climate action groups speaking with one voice, insisting that our schools and communities make the necessary changes needed to help solve global warming.  Imagine how many more people that could be reached to raise awareness about global warming as a network of youth groups.  Picture how many more signatures a network could get for petitions to city councilors or legislators, and how much bigger a rally would be if it’s organized by a network of climate action groups. With many groups joined together in common purpose, the network can make a huge impact on solving global warming because they will have the power to effect real change and have a collective voice that is loud enough to speak to the concerns of tomorrow in a way that simply can’t be ignored!  BLS Youth CAN has recently added a network website independent of the BLS Youth CAN site, where Youth CAN member groups and community partners may access information about Youth CAN and join the network at www.youthcannetwork.org

Network Goal/Objectives

The Youth Climate Action Network is focused on continuing to help Youth CAN groups get started in schools all over Massachusetts, and to raise awareness and promote action in their local schools and communities about global warming. As a network, this extended group will work towards the following objectives: 

To establish 30 active Youth Climate Action Groups in the greater Boston region by 2010-2011

To develop a Leadership Committee representing all Youth CAN network groups to help establish a framework and guide Youth CAN efforts

To identify a diversity of key climate change issues and activities that Youth CAN groups can choose from to act upon

To work with BLS Youth CAN to hold ongoing Annual Youth CAN Global Climate Change Summit in spring of 2009

To help raise funds and provide funding to ten schools in the form of Youth Climate Action grants at $1,000 to support on-the-ground efforts toward global warming solutions.

To work together to promote climate change and sustainability education in schools via the Massachusetts Climate Literacy and Sustainability Campaign (MCLC) and work with local officials to hold a public hearing on the importance of climate literacy (see MCLC Summary)

Why I’m in Youth CAN

BLS Youth CAN Advisory Board

  1. Peter Kelly, President, Boston Latin School Association

  2. William Moomaw, Professor of International Environmental Policy, Tufts University

  3. Jim Hunt, Chief for Environmental and Energy Services for the City of Boston

  4. John Connolly, At-Large City, Chair of the City Council’s Education Committee, the Environment & Health Committee, & Special Committee on a Livable Boston.

  5. Elizabeth Soper, Associate Director of Eco-Schools USA at National Wildlife Federation

  6. Robert Garrity, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network

  7. Lynne Mooney-Teta, Headmaster, Boston Latin School

  8. Patricia Weinman, Assoc.  Coordinator, Technology and Culture Forum at MIT

  9. Andrew Rainer, Chief of the Massachusetts Environmental Strike Force, for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

  10. Pic Walker, Alliance for Climate Education, Executive Director

  11. Ron Gwaizda, Founder TRintuition, LLC; former BLS Curriculum & Instruction Assistant to Headmaster


    Club advisor

Name: Cate Arnold


                Boston Latin


Who: students grades 7-12

School: Boston Latin


Logo Design: Beverly N

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Network Pagehttp://www.youthcannetwork.org/Youth_CAN_Network/Welcome.htmlYouth_CAN_Network.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0
Watch our Student Made Youth CAN Rap:
The Fresh Kids of Youth CANhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iIe1cBobg8

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Watch the Today Show Clip for a good overview of Youth CAN initiatives! Today_Show_Clip.html
Youth CAN President featured as High School Herohttp://www.youtube.com/user/crowdsourcedhero#p/u/0/xGtc8e1gZV4
Chill Out 2011 Videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJI-2D5mz6U
What is Youth CAN? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e0xhOlUehc

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